Sucking Away the Dirt

Ask people what their favorite house chore is and you might be hard-pressed to get an answer.

I bet we can all rhyme off what our least favorite would be rather quickly. (For me, scrubbing toilets tops that list.)

Picking a chore we actually like doing? Well, that would probably take a bit more time to determine.

I figure emptying stinky garbage cans from the kitchen, bringing recycling bins to the end of the driveway in the dead of winter and mowing the lawn on a hot summer afternoon do not necessarily scream “fun times” for anyone.

I caught myself mulling over this exact question recently as I was vacuuming various rooms in our house.

Vacuum 2After plugging in the central vacuum hose to the wall and assembling the brush, I began my usual routine of starting in the living and dining rooms before working my way to the kitchen and family room.

Even though our main level consists of flooring instead of the carpet found upstairs and in the basement, vacuuming this space isn’t any more enjoyable. In fact, no matter where you go in the house, you could say having to vacuum really – ahem – sucks.

The finished product, however, is much better.

I love seeing the straight, groomed paths along a rug or bedroom carpet, while it is such a relief to not have any food crumbs under the kitchen table or dirty particles dragged in from shoes outside.

Vacuum 3You see, while vacuuming might be a necessary nuisance, it certainly does pay dividends.

With all of the dragging and sucking, the dust gathered and the noise generated, vacuuming brings us a state of cleanliness and restoration.

Evidently, God works in the same way.

Wanting simply to renew us to our original and pure state, God is always with us to rid us of our dirt.

Whatever thoughts, choices or actions that cause us or others harm, He wishes to suck them all up.

Every day, God seeks to clear us of any filth that covers us. Any debris or waste in our lives that prevents us from being our best version of ourselves, the Lord aims to clean us in order that we may be fully restored in relationship with Him.

Through Jesus, God shows His unconditional love for His children without hesitation, wanting to lead us and relieve us of any undesired weight. (Matthew 11:28-30)

But our burdens should not serve as discouragement for us. Rather, we can take heart and celebrate our belief that, despite any part of our lives appearing soiled, Jesus can easily convert our weaknesses into strengths. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

Much like a vacuum canister holding dirt, Jesus gathers all of our sin and stores it away, dispensing of it for good through His forgiving mercy. It is thanks to Christ’s crucifixion and glorious resurrection that we can always be made whole again when we are broken. (Isaiah 53:5)

Mary Undoer of KnotsAs if Jesus’ compassion and grace were not enough, He also has His mother Mary assist us in our endless time of need.

Just as a vacuum hose or cord can often get tangled up, our lives can frequently become twisted with all sorts of complications.

In these instances of feeling stuck, God invites us to call on Mary, who lovingly works to undo the knots in our lives so that we may better know and be in closer relationship with her saving Son.

So the next time you’re tasked with vacuuming the house or any other space and are feeling frustrated having to lug around the machine, perhaps you’ll turn to God to assist in sucking away all the dirt.

Doing so will not only ensure a cleaner home, but can also work wonders for your mind, body and soul.