Getting Started

Hello My Name IsHello, my name is…

Perhaps you’ve seen a sticker or two with this introductory phrase on it. Certainly, if you’ve attended any workshop or conference, you’ve likely come across a registration booth with similar identification labels to help everyone feel more comfortable and familiar.

I figured this would be a simple but effective way to introduce my website and my intentions for it, and I hope you feel welcomed to visit often and regularly to be informed, amused and inspired.

As a high school Religion teacher, it’s my challenge and responsibility to help my students connect with God. Whether that connection is an introduction to God or an encouragement to continue getting to know Him more deeply, I accept this privilege seriously, with both energy and humility.

In a society growing in secularism, I feel it necessary to offer my students and their community opportunity to discover a full and meaningful relationship with the Lord. Now after many years of teaching, I’ve felt an increasing inclination to take my classroom on the road, so to speak, and it’s time I scratch this itch. So, I present to you this website.

But while the sticker above can help me introduce myself to you, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how God always seeks to present Himself to all of us.

Every day, Jesus reveals Himself to the world, wishing we would simply acknowledge and follow Him. (Matthew 4:19) So, in my teaching and now through this website, I endeavor to facilitate an opportunity for you to see God in regular life experiences.

My hope is these writings will provide you with perfect opportunity to explore and appreciate a deeper relationship with God, while feeling motivated to share His wonder with others in your daily life.

Thanks for reading and God bless,


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