Finding the Right Savings

We are now less than two months away from Christmas and you can bet stores will be flooded with shoppers seeking the best deals for their gift purchasing.

Savings 5Everywhere we turn, we are likely to see or hear about savings.

Whether it be a newspaper flyer, a TV or radio commercial, or an ad on social media websites, many people will give way to temptation to buy and buy some more.

That word – savings – will be just enough to convince some people to pull out their credit card, hand over cash or even sign a cheque, convinced they’re saving money and getting a deal.

Savings 3Make no mistake – I love savings as much as the next person. In fact, I practically do cartwheels in my head each time my wife comes home and tells me she saved a certain percentage or number of dollars buying a product on sale.

But just the mention of saving conjures thoughts of so many things set up to provide benefit or comfort.

Stores regularly provide discounts or sales, encouraging us to buy more while spending less.

Computers constantly save our work, alleviating our fears we will lose important materials.

Safety deposit boxes in banks or safes in hotel rooms ensure our valuables are protected.

Technology is advancing so much that products such as lawnmowers or cooking appliances are becoming more and more efficient and self-reliant, saving us time and responsibility.

Savings 7It seems we spend a lot of time and energy looking for the best option in order to save, yet we can easily forget to seek the best way to be saved.

Recently at Mass, I was struck by a particular hymn, describing Jesus as a worthy Redeemer, mighty to save and author of salvation.

I was reminded of how I often feel a sense of anxiety or panic inside when I’m not in a good place in my faith. Yet, when I return to Jesus in prayer, I grow in confidence, reassured that all will be better and that He is in control.

Truly, our faith teaches God will save us – today and at the end times of Judgment Day.

Savings 6Placing our complete trust in Jesus, then, we are affirmed in our belief He is leading us to ultimate good and that we are and will always be saved.

After all, what else should we expect from our Lord whose name – depending on what etymology you prefer – means God helps, saves, rescues and delivers?

So as Christmas looms closer, I suppose the bottom line lies in deciding what we would rather have if we could only pick one: saving money and getting a good deal today, or being saved by a life with Jesus and receiving an eternity in Heaven.

When we look at it like this, it doesn’t appear a life’s devotion to that blessed baby in the manger is a bad bargain at all.


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